1 = assured, continued, guaranteed, sure-fire [surefire].
Ex. The future of DC is assured.
Ex. Instructional development is a goal-oriented, problem-solving process involving techniques such as development of specific objectives, analysis of learners and tasks, preliminary trials, formative and summative evaluation, and continued revision.
Ex. This problem arises in real time multimedia applications, which often requires a guaranteed bandwidth and bounded delay to ensure that the quality of service is met = Este problema surge en las aplicaciones multimedia en tiempo real, que a menudo necesitan un ancho de banda garantizado y un retraso limitado para asegurar la calidad del servicio.
Ex. For example, asking where someone was born is not a sure-fire way of finding out what their accent is and may lead to erroneous assumptions.
* de éxito asegurado = sure-fire [surefire].

Spanish-English dictionary. 2013.

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